Model 491 Prep Cell and Mini Prep Cell by Bio-Rad

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 Model 491 Prep Cell and Mini Prep Cell

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Any molecule that can be resolved in a slab gel can be purified quickly, easily, and completely using continuous elution electrophoresis. Using SDS-PAGE, native PAGE, or agarose gel electrophoresis, the Model 491 prep cell and mini prep cell isolate individual components from crude or partially purified samples. These instruments are ideal for use at any stage in a purification scheme. As a final step following chromatography or preparative isoelectric focusing, these instruments can be used to isolate a specific molecule from any contaminants remaining in the sample.

PowerPac 1000 and Basic recommended; see PowerPac 1000 and PowerPac Basic power supplies.

  • Use conventional electrophoresis buffer systems and media
  • Purify nanograms to milligrams of a particular molecule
  • Using SDS-PAGE, purify molecules that differ in molecular weight by as little as 2%
  • Using native PAGE, isolate molecules that differ in isoelectric point by as little as 0.1 pH unit
  • Purified molecules are automatically collected in individual liquid fractions and are immediately available for sequence analysis, crystallography, antibody production, enzyme kinetic studies, NMR, bioassays, or any other study where homogeneous biomolecules are required. Single- and double-stranded DNA and RNA can also be purified using the prep cell.

    Both the Model 491 prep cell and the mini prep cell come complete and ready to run, with a reagent starter kit included. The starter kit includes premixed SDS-PAGE electrophoresis buffer, prestained protein standards for a practice run, Tris, APS, TEMED, bis-acrylamide, and acrylamide for several runs. Required accessory equipment includes ontinuous elution electrophoresis. After samples are loaded onto the upper surface of the gel, molecules are electrophoresed through the cylindrical gel matrix where they separate into ring shaped bands. Individual bands migrate off the bottom of the gel where they pass into a thin elution frit contained in the elution chamber. A dialysis membrane underneath traps proteins in the elution frit. Elution buffer flows into the elution chamber around the perimeter of the elution frit. As individual bands exit the gel, they are drawn to the center of the frit and out through the collection tube to a peristaltic pump. The pump drives the separated molecules to a fraction collector. As molecules are purified they are collected in discrete liquid fractions and are available for assay and characterization.

    In the Model 491 prep cell, maintaining cross-sectional temperature in the gel is essential for obtaining optimum resolution of separated bands. To accomplish this, lower electrophoresis buffer which cools the gel from the outside is continuously pumped through the cooling core at the center of the gel using a buffer recirculation pump, equalizing the temperature across the gel. Because of the small volumes of gel used with the mini prep cell, this feature is not required to achieve the same high resolution.

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     Model 491 Prep Cell and Mini Prep Cell by Bio-Rad product image

     Model 491 Prep Cell and Mini Prep Cell

    Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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