MODcol® Spring® Columns and MultiPacker® Instruments

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The MODcol® Dynamic Axial Compression Spring® Column from Grace Davison Discovery Sciences is a product of choice for chromatographers who need high performance, robust, and long lasting columns. This highly versatile Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) technology is self-contained in a small and portable package, providing highly advanced and flexible technology for preparative and
semi-preparative chromatography columns.

MultiPacker® Instruments are easy to use, require very little training to operate, and are virtually maintenance-free. Preparation for column packing is simple and straightforward; the packing process itself is very simple and can typically be performed in only a few minutes. Unpacking of the hardware and the cleaning process for the parts before re-packing are also easy to do.

When combined with the MultiPacker® Instrument, the Spring® Column provides the ultimate solution for in-house column packing. The MultiPacker® Instrument and Spring® Column concept is extremely versatile because the packing system is physically separated from the column and its internal DAC subsystem. This means that many columns can be packed and maintained with just one MultiPacker® Instrument — and only one MultiPacker® Instrument is necessary to pack both 25mm and 50mm i.d. columns.

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MODcol® Spring® Columns and MultiPacker® Instruments

Manufacturer Grace Davison Discovery Sciences

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