Mobile IR - Portable FT-IR by Bruker Optik GmbH

Manufacturer Bruker Optik GmbH

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Mobile IR - Portable FT-IR

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The Mobile-IR is a portable, compact and robust FT-IR spectrometer for substance identification. All components that are required for an FT-IR analysis like interferometer, ATR unit, data system and batteries are assembled into a rugged transport box allowing operation fully independent from any laboratory infrastructure.

The measurement of any liquid or solid sample is performed without sample preparation using the diamond ATR sample interface. For the IR analysis only a little amount of substance (a drop of liquid or a few grains of powder) needs to be brought into contact with the diamond crystal.

The user is guided through measurement and analysis by a dedicated software wizard for substance ID that is designed to be used under stress conditions. The large touch-screen of the Mobile-IR allows control by users wearing full protective gear. After the measurement the identification results are presented immediately together with the according NFPA hazard diamond and NIOSH data base information.

The Mobile-IR comes with comprehensive spectra libraries for easy and quick identification of all types of unknown substances. Further commercial or user-made libraries can easily be added to the system.