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The MobiLab is designed so that even non-specialists will be guided step by step through a computerized manual from beginning of the sampling to the specific pathogen detection. This can be done easily and quickly, as the MobiLab combines useful nucleic acid extraction, thermal mixer and rapidPCR cycler. On the basis of an integrated high-performance battery and supply in a robust case the system allows very flexible applications – future-oriented basis in the field. Due to the external power supply the MobiLab can be operated indoor on a surface of a sheet of DIN A4 paper to replace an entire laboratory. On the position, where normally one labtop finds its place, now two fully equipped workplaces can be established.

The overall concept offers enormous variety and is therefore suitable for different applications. Both the robust housing and the soft-touch control panel are optimized for the outdoor use and realize an easy and thorough cleaning and disinfecting. To meet the requirements of every user and various applications the MobiLab is available in two versions.

If a simple Yes/No statement of a single sample or a sample pool is needed the MobiLab One is the right choice. The operation takes place on a 5.7'' touch screen and an integrated Windows CE computer. It is also possible to connect an additional device via USB port.