MISSION® LentiExpress™ Human Kinase shRNA Set

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma
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MISSION® LentiExpress™ Human Kinase shRNA Set from Sigma-Aldrich

Protein kinases are among the largest and most well studied gene families. Protein phosphorylation plays an essential role in intercellular communication in eukaryotic organisms by mediating signal transduction during development, transcription, immune response, metabolism, apoptosis, and cell differentiation. Aberrant regulation of kinases plays a causal role in many diseases, and the study of these proteins and their functions will contribute to the discovery and development of new therapeutics.

The MISSION LentiExpress Human Kinase sh RNA Set contains ~3,200 lentiviruses carrying shRNA sequences targeting ~501 human kinase genes allowing for quick, high throughput loss-of-function screens. Each gene is represented by several individual constructs, targeting different regions of the gene sequence. The particles are pre-diluted to approximately 5,000 viral particles per well in a single reaction volume of 30 µL. In addition to the virus generated from the Human Kinases (K), each plate includes negative controls to monitor transduction efficiency.

The Sigma LentiExpress Human Kinase shRNA Set includes 

• shRNAs targeting ~501 human kinase genes 
• ~3,200 individual lentiviral shRNA clones 
• 41 ready-to-use Pre-arrayed 96-well plates 
Up to 80 shRNA constructs per plate 
• Negative controls in outer columns

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MISSION® LentiExpress™ Human Kinase shRNA Set

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

4.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews