miRNA Complete Labeling and Hyb Kit

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Agilent™s miRNA Complete Labeling and Hybridization Kit contains a novel Cyanine 3-nucleotide designed for consistently reliable results. The Cyanine 3-Cytidine biphosphate (pCp) reagent, in concert with Agilent™s miRNA microarray probe design, selectively labels and hybridizes mature miRNAs for optimal microarray performance and enhanced data confidence.
  •  100 ng total RNA input per labeling reaction
  •  Sufficient reagents to label and hybridize 24 microarrays (3, 8-plex miRNA microarray slides are contained within one kit)
  •  Hybridization time is 20 hours
  •  Contents include all enzymes and buffers, including Cyanine 3-pCp for labeling and Hi-RPM buffer necessary to perform assay
  •  Hybridization kits should be stored at room temperature
  •  All reagents should be stored at -20°C

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miRNA Complete Labeling and Hyb Kit

Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

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