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Minstrel HT

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The Minstrel HT system from Rigaku automatically images crystallization experiments and links images with crystallization conditions.

The Minstrel HT provides unattended image acquisition, providing an objective history of the experiment. A fully integrated system for temperature controlled incubation, inspection, and analysis of protein crystallization plates, each installation is comprised of one Minstrel HT imaging station and either one or two Gallery™ HT Incubator storage systems.

This modular platform is unique in its ability to support two independent incubators, each operating at a different temperature. Maximally configured, each Minstrel HT is capable of controlling and tracking over 1000 plates (1380 low profile).

Using a high-resolution imaging system that can visualize hanging drop, sitting drop, microbatch, and free interface diffusion experiments across all plate types, the Minstrel HT facilitates scoring and reporting, as well as experimental design and project management.

Minstrel HT Features:

  • Can be integrated with one or two independent incubators or as part of a fully integrated crystallization system (CrystalMation)
  • Temperature controlled imaging environment
  • Reliable incubation with dual compressors and cooling systems
  • Multiple independent temperatures (4 to 30°C)
  • Bar code tracking
  • Patent pending programmable illumination
  • Vibration isolation with gentle plate handling
  • Remote network or internet access to data via CrystalTrak or CrystalTrak Web
  • Compatible with most SBS and Linbro® footprint plate types
  • Unparalleled scalability and upgradeability as part of a fully integrated system