MiniPal 4 by Malvern Panalytical

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MiniPal 4

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Continuing PANalytical's successful and established line of compact, benchtop spectrometers, MiniPal 4 provides state-of-the-art energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) analysis.

Like its predecessors, the MiniPal 4 is safe, reliable, easy to use and offers even greater levels of sensitivity and versatility. Its new silicon drift detector, with currently the highest resolution in this market segment, demonstrates higher maximum count rates and a better resolution, with improved accuracy and precision and much lower detection limits.

In addition, the MiniPal 4 runs on version 4.0 of the software for MiniPal spectrometers. It is capable of analyzing virtually the full range of elements with no special accessories or modifications. Most important of all – the software makes the system easier than ever to use.

At the push of a button MiniPal 4 performs non-destructive quantitative analysis of elements from sodium to uranium, in concentrations from 100% down to ppm levels. This, in conjunction with XRF's ability to perform qualitative measurements, makes MiniPal 4 suitable for a diverse range of industrial applications.

MiniPal 4 is suitable for a wide range of industries:

• Plastics and polymers 
• Petrochemicals 
• Mining and minerals 
• Glass 
• Recycling
• Food, drugs and cosmetics