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MiniPal 2

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Enhance your analytical power with the Panalytical MiniPal 2

The PANalytical cost-effective MiniPal 2 benchtop EDXRF spectrometer is a valuable tool for stand-alone or satellite units. Especially in those conditions where sample throughput is low (typically 20 samples per day) and an adequate analysis is demanded. With its portability it is also a practical choice for sample pre-screening or as back-up to other main-line systems. MiniPal 2 makes elemental analysis easy.

The broad range of elements found in most application areas means that a single system can not usually analyze them all without special modifications and accessories which adds to costs and reduces operator convenience. MiniPal 2 overcomes these problems with a unique and innovative software approach. The system is capable of analyzing virtually the full range of elements of the periodic table at the touch of one button. The software integrated SPC (Statistical Process Control) module monitors trends and enables longterm performance.

The MiniPal 2 energy dispersive XRF desktop spectrometer performs non-destructive analysis of elements from sodium right through to uranium, in concentrations from 100% down to ppm levels, whereas the sample preparation is simple, inexpensive and quick.

Based on the latest Si-PIN technology, the MiniPal 2's detector combines high efficiency with a high resolution. The detector is thermoelectrically cooled, eliminating all the costs and inconvenience of liquid nitrogen cooling associated with other EDXRF systems.

The MiniPal 2 spectrometer allows the use of different tubes to avoid masking the sample's spectrum by the spectrum of the tube.
A He-flush system is built into the instrument, for applications where analysis of the lighter elements at low levels is required.

The MiniPal 2 offers the possibility of on-line diagnostics and correction and is backed by the renowned PANalytical network.