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The MiniLumi is a brand new system for fluorescent and colorimetric gel documentation with 1-click image capturing.

Typical applications include Ethidium bromide, Coomassie® Brilliant Blue, SYPRO™ Orange, SYPRO™ Ruby, Silver stain and Q-Dots™.

Outstanding features are the 2 Megapixel CCD camera, trans and epi illumination. The MiniLumi offers high quality at affordable cost.

Wide range of biological samples which are stained with fluorescent or colorimetric (visible) dyes: Detection and quantitation of nucleic acid stains and labels, including Ethidium Bromide, GelStar™, Fluorescein, Coomassie® Brilliant Blue, SYPRO™ Orange, SYPRO™ Red, Silver Stain, SYPRO™ Ruby, Qdots™ and more.
TLC plates, autoradiograph, microplates, macroarrays, colony screening, RFLP/VNTR, Southern blots, colony hybridization and more.

Real-time quality imaging
The MiniLumi captures the sharpest possible images with precise sample separation - thanks to its powerful CCD camera with high resolution. Two different models are available, 1.4 and 2 Mpixels. The high speed zoom lens results in enhanced sensitivity, collecting maximum light from the sample, while maintaining sharp, clear images with minimal geometric and light distortion. With the semi-motorized zoom, iris and focus the MiniLumi offers user comfort and real-time image capturing at affordable costs.

Dark chamber
The DNR's smart chamber features a door status sensor to enable or disable UV illumination.

Fast, simple workflow
Easy to set up with a user-friendly interface, MiniLumi provides quick, accurate image acquisition and results, ensuring efficiency and productivity in the laboratory. Fully controlled by the PC, MiniLumi firewire interface connects easily to any laptop or PC.

The MiniLumi is equipped with a built-in transilluminator with UV illumination and one WL converter. The 8-position filter wheel is equipped with one filter as a standard for Ethidiumbromide or SYBR dyes. Additional filters can be easy replaced and inserted. A white light and UV epi illumination is installed.

The MiniLumi instruments are delivered as standard with two software packages, GelCapture for imaging acquisition and GelQuant for image analysis.