Mini–PROTEAN® 2–D Cell (165-2960) by Bio-Rad

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

Mini–PROTEAN® 2–D Cell (165-2960) by Bio-Rad product image
Mini–PROTEAN® 2–D Cell (165-2960)
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2–D electrophoresis cell, includes accessories to cast and run first dimension tube polyacrylamide gels and second dimension slab gel electrophoresis.

The Mini-PROTEAN 2-D electrophoresis cell performs both tube gel IEF and vertical electrophoresis applications. First-dimension IEF typically takes 3.5 hours, and second-dimension SDS-PAGE takes 45 minutes. The entire 2-D procedure, including silver staining, can be completed in less than a day.

  • Cast up to 16 tube gels in the glass tubes, then attach the tube gels to molded sample reservoirs for the IEF run
  • Following first-dimension IEF, remove the gels using the mini 2-D gel ejector and slide them between the plates of the slab gel for the second-dimension run
  • Cell is IEC 1010 safety certified