Mini-Z Series by Rigaku Corporation

Manufacturer Rigaku Corporation

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Mini-Z Series

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The Mini-Z series of compact benchtop wavelength dispersive XRF analyzers are designed for analyzing specific elements. Since the optics are optimally configured to a particular element, this series allows for high precision and ease of analysis. The Sulfur analyzer is configured for analysis of S in fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, etc., meets the 15 ppm EPA regulation, and has a LLD (lower limit of detection) of 0.3 ppm. This instrument can also be configured as a Si analyzer (for coated Si on paper or plastic), an Al analyzer (for coated Al on paper or plastic), a Ni analyzer, (for Ni coating or plating) and a Zr analyzer (for Zr coating). Features Excellent LLD Peak and background measurements Easy-to-operate software No cooling water, plug-n-play Light weight and compact body Exceptional repeatability Wide analysis range High-resolution, wavelength dispersive optics No complex sample preparation required (reagent treatment, etc.)