Mini-IMG Active High-Vacuum Gauge by Agilent Technologies

Mini-IMG Active High-Vacuum Gauge by Agilent Technologies product image
Mini-IMG Active High-Vacuum Gauge
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Excellent Stainless Steel Gauge for Corrosive Environments

The Agilent Mini-IMG Active Vacuum Gauge is based on the proven inverted magnetron high-vacuum gauge, providing reliable measurement of pressures from 10-3 torr down to 10-9 torr. Since the transducer and control electronics are all-in-one package, no external controller is necessary. This compact, rugged, all-stainless-steel gauge is ideal for applications in which the environment is corrosive or dirty. If needed, the gauge may be cleaned easily. Unlike traditional cold-cathode (Penning cell) gauges, the Agilent inverted magnetron features fast starting, even under high-vacuum conditions. The gauge can be turned on and off remotely via a DC voltage signal. LEDs on the gauge indicate its status.