Mini-BA Active Vacuum Gauge by Agilent Technologies

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Mini-BA Active Vacuum Gauge
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Ideal for Applications Requiring Compact Design

The Agilent Mini-BA Active Vacuum Gauge is the high-vacuum counterpart to the ConvecTorr Gauge. Like the ConvecTorr Gauge, the Mini-BA is a self-contained unit with transducer and gauge-control circuitry in a single package. No separate controller is necessary. This stand-alone unit is ideal for applications requiring a compact design or direct integration with PLCs (programmable logic controllers) or computers. The measurement range of the Mini-BA is 10 mtorr to 2 × 10-9 torr, and the unit may be operated remotely via analog and digital signal. The output pressure reading is available from an optional LED display, a one-volt-per-decade analog signal, or an optional RS-232 or RS-485 interface. In addition, two SPST set points can be used for process control. E-beam degas is a standard feature.