MINI and BBR: Blood Bank refrigerators by Angelantoni Industrie s.p.a

MINI and BBR: Blood Bank refrigerators by Angelantoni Industrie s.p.a product image
MINI and BBR: Blood Bank refrigerators

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Angelantoni MINI and BBR: Blood Bank refrigerators.
Masters in blood bags storage.

A wide range of blood bank refrigerators to store up to 700 blood bags and meet small, medium and large blood centers, hospitals and analytical laboratories needs. Each line ensures the most secure environment for your valuable blood products.
MINI and BBR are landmarks in Blood Bank Refrigerators for reliability and lasting.

• Certified according to medical devices directive 93/42/EEC.
• Wide range of capacity (up to 700 blood bags)
• Temperature graph recorder (7 days)
• Highly stability and uniformity of the internal temperature
• Stainless steel sliding drawers complete with stainless steel sliding guide which prevents rust.
• Fast temperature recovery after door opening
• Stainless steel internal chamber which grant maximum hygiene
• Full view glass door
• Tropicalized execution (up to 40°C)
• Superior insulating pannel
• Internal light (manual or automatic switch)
• Safety keys lock
The microprocessor control system
• Alarm section completely independent from regulation section
• Advanced security
• Remote audio/visual alarm control
• Rechargeable buffer battery (48h in case of power outage)
• Easy to use control display
• for full control of all the set points (temperatures and alarms)
• ensure continuous monitoring