Mini Analytical Protein Electrophoresis Cells

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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The new Mini-PROTEAN 3 electrophoresis system gives you a running start on your mini-vertical electrophoresis applications. Within 45 min, you'll have your answer — the Mini-PROTEAN 3 system provides fast, reliable results using precast or handcast gels.

How to Upgrade Your Mini-PROTEAN II System to a Mini-PROTEAN 3 System

  • Keep your Mini-PROTEAN II buffer tank and lid
  • Purchase the Mini-PROTEAN II upgrade kit, catalog #165-3375 (includes 1 clamping frame and 1 electrode assembly)
  • Purchase the casting module of your choice; see the casting module Ordering Information for complete list

  • How to Add Handcasting Capability to Your Ready Gel Cell

    You can upgrade your Ready Gel cell to the Mini-PROTEAN 3 system by simply purchasing the casting module of your choice from the list in the Ordering Information section.