MilkoScan™ FT120 by Foss Tecator AB

Manufacturer Foss Tecator AB
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MilkoScan™ FT120
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MilkoScan™ FT 120 employs the FTIR measuring principle, in compliance with IDF and AOAC standards. A complete analysis of product composition with up to 24 parameters can be presented in just 30 seconds. MilkoScan FT 120 is suitable for both process control and sophisticated analysis in the lab.

The basic configuration offers determination of fat, protein, lactose, total solids and solids-non-fat in milk, cream and simple dairy products.

FOSS provides transferable ready-to-use calibrations for a wide range of dairy products e.g. concentrated milk and whey, infant formula, ice cream, juice, quark, cheese and yoghurt. Furthermore special modules allow development of user defined calibrations.

MilkoScan FT 120 is very user-friendly. All routine operation takes place from one single screen picture, samples can be analysed without pre-heating and data are stored automatically. When you implement the Automatic Clean and Zero Module, the instrument takes care of all necessary cleaning after analysis and zero setting prior to analysis.

Compositional analysis of up to 120 milk samples per hour

  • Low cost per sample analysed

Ready to use calibrations

  • FOSS calibrations are available for a wide range of parameters and products
  • Ready to use calibrations will dramatically reduce the calibration work for starting up a new parameter

Robust flow system with in-line filter and 50 µm cuvette

Built in sample pre-heater

  • Efficient operation without need for heating of homogenous samples

Flexible upgrading possibility

  • Powerful and easy to use Windows software with local language support
  • Easy integration of data into networked environment
  • Reduced need for special operator skills.

Automatic clean and zero setting module

  • Safe and efficient operation – also for process operators

High accuracy analysis

  • Little dispute over results

Built-in quality assurance software with log of pilot samples

  • Documentation of analytical results.

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MilkoScan™ FT120 by Foss Tecator AB product image

MilkoScan™ FT120

Manufacturer Foss Tecator AB

3.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews