MIKRO 220 / 220 R Microlitre Centrifuges

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Effective Micro-Management with MIKRO 220 / 220 R from Hettich

Available in refrigerated and non-refrigerated versions, the MIKRO 220 is a compact, table-top centrifuge designed to perform in a variety of applications. The MIKRO 220 is ideal for clinical, genetic research, virology, cytology and bacteriology laboratories.

In addition, the capacity, performance and cooling abilities of the Hettich MIKRO 220 are designed to meet the demands of sample preparation for PCR applications.

The MIKRO 220 is available with a wide range of rotor bucket combinations, allowing it to spin the following containers:

-Mircolitre tubes
-Blood / Urine tubes (up to 50 ml)
-PCR Strips
-Conical Tubes (up to 50 ml)

Innovative safety features of the Hettich MIKRO 220 include an adjustable imbalance switch, automatic rotor recognition and automatic lid locking during operation. Like all Hettich centrifuges, the MIKRO 220 is fully compliant with CE and various international standards of quality and safety for laboratory devices.

The MIKRO 220’s powerful, brushless motor is able to reach 18,000 RPM, allowing samples to spin at high speeds with minimal noise or vibration. This smooth running is further enhanced by the 220’s custom sound-dampening lid and insulation. On refrigerated models, the fast cooling system allows users to reach, and maintain temperatures as low as – 20 °C.

The MIKRO 220’s digital display control panel is backlit and features an easy touch keypad for quick programming. Users can control speed, RCF, temperature, running time and several other functions with the push of a single button.

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MIKRO 220 / 220 R Microlitre Centrifuges

Manufacturer Andreas Hettich GmbH

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