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Midi HPCCC range
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The DE Midi range of High Performance CCC (HPCCC) equipment is based on traditional liquid/liquid partitioning and extends the purification options available to chemists, primarily in Development, who are looking purify samples from 5 grams to 1,000 grams of material.

The equipment is easily connected and interfaced into existing LC equipment and provides options when existing solid phase technology cannot obtain the resolution required or when sample solubility is a problem.

The added advantage of the technique is that it is easily scales to preparative and kilo scale with no requirement to develop the separation method as it is directly transferable from analytical to kilo scale rapidly and easily.

The equipment is fully supported by the Dynamic Extractions support team that provides support through training, feasibility studies, method development and direct customer support. This ensures that all customers have peace of mind and confidence in the technique.