MicroXCT-200 by Xradia

Manufacturer Xradia

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MicroXCT-200 - High Resolution and Contrast; Large Sample Size and Shape Flexibility; Automated Multiple Point Imaging.

The MicroXCT-200 is a versatile 3D X-ray imaging system suited for non-destructive analysis of a large variety of samples. Its unique design allows for high resolution imaging for relatively large samples. Its detectors are tailored to image both high and low absorption materials. The MicroXCT-200 provides the unique high resolution 3D imaging ability that allows analysis and visualization of internal fine 3D structures in intact samples, which is not possible with typical surface analysis tools like the AFM, SEM or conventional CT systems.

MicroXCT-200 Applications:

  • Pre-clinical life science and biomedical studies
  • Semiconductor package FA
  • High and low absorption advanced material imaging
  • Pore connectivity and microstructure modeling for oil and gas drilling feasibility studies

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