Microwave Digestion System: Multiwave ECO by Anton Paar GmbH

Manufacturer Anton Paar GmbH

Microwave Digestion System: Multiwave ECO by Anton Paar GmbH product image
Microwave Digestion System: Multiwave ECO

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Multiwave ECO is a quick and convenient microwave digestion system. It works with the well-established Rotor 64MG5 and Rotor 1DRY and is equipped with the brand-new Rotor 16HVT50. This rotor has a superior design for pressure-activated-venting which simplifies your routine digestion of environmental and food samples. The low investment and operating costs of Multiwave ECO and low costs for consumables make it a good investment.

Fast heating
Precise reaction control using the measured sample temperatures of all vessels.
Heating of inorganic samples according to EPA 3051 and 3052 (i.e. acid digestion or extraction).
Longer temperature ramping for reactive organic samples ensures moderate reaction regimes, even for larger samples.

Safety first
Released reaction gases are quickly removed by Multiwave ECO’s powerful cooling fan.

Holding a stable temperature
Unique pressure stability of the pressure control valve guarantees stable temperatures over the entire reaction time (up to 250 °C).

Express cooling
Multiwave ECO’s powerful air cooling system provides extremely fast cooling of the vessels back to 70 °C in 15 minutes.