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Covaris provides a wide variety of tubes and vials specifically designed to meet your DNA fragmentation requirements. Covaris™ microTUBES™ are engineered to work in combination with both the S-series™ and E-series™ to reliably deliver random DNA fragments at your desired lengths.
Our highly efficient, and reproducible up-front sample preparation, utilizing the proprietary Covaris Adaptive Focused Acoustic ™ (AFA) technology, eliminates operator induced variation, improves recoveries, increases efficiency, and provides standardized results.

The sample vial is a key component of the AFA acoustic circuit, and Covaris scientists have optimized a broad range of consumables for key applications. For optimal results, we suggest that you only use the appropriate sample vessels and protocols recommended by Covaris. Covaris will work with you to select the right sample preparation vessel for your application. Make sure you have the appropriate
tube holder or rack.

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