Microtube Defroster by Ziath Ltd

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Microtube Defroster

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The Ziath MicroTube Defroster combines efficiency and ease of use.

Streaming room temperature air over frozen microtubes increases the thaw rate of the contents. With no direct heating of the tubes, the contents are not compromised by risk of raised temperatures. At room temperature and without the MicroTube Defroster, defrosting can take up to four hours. With the Ziath MicroTube Defroster, thawing can be achieved in as little as half an hour.

  • Compatible with a wide range of 96 microtube racks
  • Can also be used for microplates and skirted PCR plates
  • No instrument warm-up time required
  • Gentle, but faster tube thawing using ambient temperature air
  • Powered by low voltage from a mains adapter
  • Most tube contents defrosted in <30 minutes
  • Lightweight system -- only 240g
  • 110/220 vac power compatible
  • Small footprint -- 200mm x 150mm x 48mm (W x D x H)