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Powerful exact mass measurements in an easy-to-use benchtop package. Our new orthogonal electrospray time-of-flight mass spectrometer (ESI-oa-TOF) concentrates the performance of a big machine in a format, which fits on your bench. The microTOF features a mass resolution exceeding 15,000 FWHM and mass accuracy of better than 3 ppm in combination with true isotope pattern.

The state-of-the art digitizer technology of the microTOF enables not only the accurate mass determination over a wide dynamic range but also results in the detection of true isotope patterns independent of molecular mass and sample amount.

microTOF shows an excellent stability of the mass measurement over a wide dynamic range even with external calibration only.

With an acquisition rate of 20 spectra per second over the full standard mass range from 20 m/z to 3,000 m/z even fast dynamic CE applications are accessible. Plus: Even during the fastest data acquisition, full real-time processing includes peak picking, profile-to-line spectra conversion and automatic recalibration.

The Results
The GenerateFormula tool lists and rates possible formulas consistent with the mass measurement. Comparing the entire experimental true isotope pattern with a theoretical profile further validates the elemental composition.

The Options
Bruker Daltonics’ microTOF is fully integrated into our Life-Science product portfolio. The Compass™ software suite connects the microTOF with the tools HyStar, DataAnalysis, QuantAnalysis, MetaboliteTools, and BioTools. HyStar chromatography software supports a great variety of autosamplers and HPLC systems, seamlessly linking the microTOF sample and data flow. For working in compliance with FDA’s 21CFR part11 regulations all essential functionality is provided.