MicroTeach Automated Robot Teach Tool

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Automatic Positioning Tool for Plate Nests

MicroTeach is a lightweight tool that allows plate nest positions to be taught automatically. MicroTeach can be gripped by any HighRes robot and programmed to teach entire systems without operator intervention.

MicroTeach can:

•  Automatically teach a plate nest position in less than 60 seconds (even plate hotels and lid hotels)
•  Teach an entire system in a matter of minutes or at most a few hours, without operator assistance
•  Teach with a much higher degree of precision (X,Y,Z, pitch, roll and yaw values are checked) than is possible using manually taught points with a robot teach pendant
•  Teach points in portrait or landscape
•  Minimize operators' need to control the robot manually with a teach pendant
•  Reduce operator training costs
•  Reduce mistakes associated with inaccurately taught points
•  Work with all HighRes robots and systems
•  Work with virtually all instruments’ plate nests

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