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MicroSol 3+

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How clean is your laboratory? Now available from Anachem a completely NEW and improved formulation MicroSol 3+. Anachem has established convenient disinfection of pipettes and other small laboratory instruments with its MicroSol3™ formulation. Now they introduce MicroSol 3+. 

MicroSol 3+ is reformulated to include a unique and synergistic blend of twin chain quaternary ammonium compounds (Q.A.C.s) and amphoteric biocides. This combination enhances the efficacy compared to single chain Q.A.C.s and amphoterics either as single biocides and even combined.  This is recommended for treatment of all laboratory equipment including surface decontamination. 

MicroSol 3+ retains the action of MicroSol 3, interacting with DNA and RNA molecules, to have a deleterious effect on their secondary structure thus deactivating them within blood, plasma or other samples.  It is a suitable decontaminant for pipettes and surfaces for use in molecular biology laboratories and when carrying out DNA profiling for forensic applications. New MicroSol 3+ is available in the same convenient packaging as the original MicroSol 3. Efficacy is determined at a standard dilution of 1:10 of the 5 litre concentrate which equates to the concentration of the 500ml ready to use spray bottle and the solution impregnated into the handy hard surface wipes.

MicroSol 3+ is biodegradable, has low toxicity, and is non-corrosive making it user and environmentally friendly.  Microsol 3+ leaves no surface residues and is non-staining and produces no unpleasant odours.

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