MicroShake Orbital Microplate Shaker

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MicroShake Orbital Microplate Shaker

The MicroShake™ orbital shaker is specially designed for use with Porvair Sciences’ MicroLute™ P3 protein precipitation plates. To ensure rapid and complete mixing of serum samples with acetonitrile, simply place the MicroLute™ P3 plate on the dedicated plate holder and agitate for up to 30 seconds. The MicroShake™ has been tested with our P3 plates to ensure that no breakthrough of supernatant liquid can occur and has been shown to be the fastest way to ensure protein precipitation throughout the sample. MicroShake™ uses a 15 volt power supply and is fitted with a speed adjuster. This compact and quiet unit is barely bigger than a standard SBS microplate and will fit on any bench, in any fume hood or even the deck of your liquid handler.

For added peace of mind and to eliminate any risk of contamination, the P3 plates can be fitted with a re-usable silicone cap mat. A simple adjustment enables the MicroShake™ to be used with any SBS footprint microplate.