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More content and greater convenience in Histology

Merck Millipore offers new packaging sizes for Entellan® new, Schiff´s reagent and OSTEOMOLL®

As one of the world's leading providers of microscopy products, Merck Millipore is constantly adapting its portfolio to the needs of users. New, user-friendly packaging sizes for Entellan® new, Schiff’s reagent and OSTEOMOLL® offer not only more content, but also greater convenience, since the reagent vessels do not have to be changed so often in automated staining systems.

The benefits of the new packaging sizes at a glance:

  • Significantly more content
  • Flexible choice of packaging sizes from an extended palette
  • Batch consistency of the products
  • High product quality, long shelf life
  • More convenience for automated staining systems: reagent vessels need to be changed less often
  • Compliant with ISO 9001 and CE certification in accordance with IVD guidelines

Entellan® new - also available in a 1 liter bottle
In the future, Entellan® new is now also available in a 1 liter glass bottle – in addition to the previous 100 ml and 500 ml packaging sizes. The non-aqueous mounting medium for microscopy can be used with histological samples that have been treated with xylene before mounting.

Schiff's reagent now in a 2.5 liter bottle
In addition to the 500 ml bottle, Merck Millipore now offers Schiff’s reagent for the periodic acid Schiff (PAS) reaction in a 2.5 liter bottle. PAS staining is one of the most common staining methods for the detection of non-substituted polysaccharides, neutral mucopolysaccharides, mucoproteins and glycoproteins, as well as glycolipids and phospholipids.

OSTEOMOLL® in a safe 2.5 liter PE bottle
OSTEOMOLL® is ideal for all routinely used hard tissues for fast decalcification. Users in histology now have the option of a safe 2.5 liter PE bottle, in addition to the already available 1 liter bottle. The solution is color coded – just like OSTEOSOFT® for mild decalcification of tissue containing calcium. This allows the decalcifiers to be distinguish from fixing, rinsing or dehydration solutions more easily in the later staining process.