Microscopes, Stereo-Zoom by A.KRÜSS Optronic GmbH

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Microscopes, Stereo-Zoom

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The Stereo-Zoom Microscopes offer 10X plano eyepieces with diopter compensation and adjustable interocular distance, Zoom lens and 45° inclined optical head.

Two models are available
• The MSL4000 series is a cost-effective, standard stereo microscope, giving varying magnification options and uses, through versatile accessory options. It includes a 45 degree angled view and eye distance adjustment, with the revolver having a two magnification capability.
• The MSZ5000 is a professional stereo microscope, providing a robust zoom which is ideal for the examination of electronics, precision engineering/synthetic/plastic products and medical products in inspection, assembly, analysis, soldering, polishing as well as precision/smooth finishing work. Perfect for quality control applications, it has a large zoom range and excellent depth-focus.