MicroRotofor Cell by Bio-Rad

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MicroRotofor Cell

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The MicroRotofor Cell uses liquid-phase IEF to fractionate small volumes (2.5 ml) of proteins in free solution by their pI. The MicroRotofor cell can be used to reduce the complexity of samples prior to any protein analysis technique (including mass spectrometry and 2-D electrophoresis). In 2-D electrophoresis applications, protein fractionation by pI improves downstream sample loading and separation on narrow- and micro-range IPG strips. Whether used alone or as part of a broader separation or purification scheme, the MicroRotofor cell offers rapid, simple, and effective fractionation and enrichment of proteins from complex protein mixtures.

The MicroRotofor cell is easy to set up and offers
• Unique liquid-phase fractionation by pI, eliminating proteins outside a pI range of interest
• Up to 10-fold concentrations of proteins of interest
• Customizable pH gradients — wide or narrow linear pH gradients can be generated using Bio-Lyte ampholytes
• Rapid recovery of proteins focused into 10 liquid fractions
• Integrated temperature regulation to improve reproducibility and to preserve protein structure and function for native separations
• Preassembled disposable focusing chambers