Microplate Manager Software by Bio-Rad

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Microplate Manager Software

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Bio-Rad's microplate readers can be utilized to their full potential with Microplate Manager Software. This comprehensive software package allows powerful, versatile colorimetric and turbidimetric analyses, as well as report analysis for raw data, absorbance, limit, matrix, normalization, and curve fit. Microplate Manager software expands your range of data analysis options to include kinetics and screening, and adds the functionality of flexible template creation for any microplate format up to 1,536 wells.

Based on user-defined templates and parameters, Microplate Manager software reads the plate, generates an array of values, and performs data analysis.

Key Features
• Flexible, intuitive, and efficient software for reading microplates and assay analysis in any research setting
• Provides unique access to instrument controls, allowing additional options for optimizing microplate assays
• Allows complete reproducibility of the assay workflow, plate reading parameters, calculations, and reports
• Produces exact and controllable data with template design flexibility along with intuitive guides for designating plate wells, mapping dilutions, and multiple sample series
• Delivers comprehensive and configurable reports that contain every step of the workflow and analysis, including descriptive notes

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Microplate Manager Software by Bio-Rad product image

Microplate Manager Software

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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