MICROLAB 500A Series by Hamilton Company

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MICROLAB 500A Series

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Single Program Memory

  • Save time during sample preparation

  • Eliminate technician-to-technician method variability

  • Simplify compliance to method documentation requirements for regulations and standards, such as those of the EPA, FDA (GLP, GMP), and ISO

  • Reduce solvent consumption and sample volume requirements

  • Reduce waste disposal costs

  • Achieve certified accuracy within ± 1.0% and precision within + 0.2%, traceable to N.I.S.T.

MICROLAB 500 diluters simplify the preparation of sample and standard dilutions. Common dilutions for concentrated out-of-range samples, such as 1/4, 1/10, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, and greater can be prepared in half the time as compared to manual methods using volumetric flasks.

Plus, due to the accuracy and precision possible with Hamilton syringes, dilutions can be made in small quantities to reduce solvent consumption and waste disposal costs, and to reduce the amount of sample or standard required. For example, sample and standard dilutions for analytical techniques, such as AA/ICP, GC, and HPLC, can be prepared directly into autosampler vials with final volumes as small as 1000 µL

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MICROLAB 500A Series by Hamilton Company product image