Deactivated - MicroDissector PPMD

Manufacturer Eppendorf

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Functional principle of PPMD

With the help of a novel ultrasonic-Piezostepper, an extremely fine metal tip (MicroChisel) is set in motion at a high frequency and low amplitude. All common biological preparations, even cartilage and bone tissue, can thereby be quickly and precisely cut.

The isolation of cells, cell particles or cell groups is carried out according to individual specifications:

• For larger cell quantities we recommend the integrated pipette and our Filtertips (MDS).
• For smaller cell groups/single cells we offer you CellTram® vario and our TransferTips® (MDS) glass capillaries with an inner diameter of 20 µm.

The isolated material can then be directly transferred into any micro test tube or into the cavity of a microtest plate. Naturally, all common downstream applications (e.g. RT PCR or quantitative mRNA expression analyses) can be carried out following the PPMD. As a result of the very high vitality of the isolated cells even further cultivation is possible.

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Deactivated - MicroDissector PPMD

Manufacturer Eppendorf

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