MicroChemi chemiluminescence imaging system

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A high performance imager for all chemiluminescence applications.

The system is equipped with a high resolution and highly sensitive CCD camera with peltier cooling.

The instrument’s small footprint saves valuable laboratory space. The absence of any moving parts guarantee maintenance free operation.

The CCD camera is cooled with an dual peltier cooling device to a minimum teperature of -60° ensuring highest sensitivity. MicroChemi’s optics provides a high dynamic range of more than 4.6 orders of magnitude.

An dimmable Epi white light LED illumination is integrated.

Dark chamber
The dark chamber is sealed twice preventing any influences from outside light.

Removable drawer
MicroChemi’s removable ECL-drawer makes sample loading very easy. The field of view is 10cm X 14cm.

ECL™, ECL-Plus™, Lumi Light Plus™, Super Signal™, CDP Star®, Luciferases and more

The MicroChemi will be delivered standardly with two software packages, GelCapture for imaging acquisition and Quant for image analysis. GelCapture offers complete, automatic control of configuring, capturing, and saving sample images for analysis. GelCapture offers all important image settings adjustable as illumination, focus, brightness, binning and many more.

The Quant 1D software from the TotalLab range enables fast and consistent analysis of your gel images with high levels of automation and accuracy. You can perform a complete analysis with a single click and then refine results afterwards, or step through the different analysis stages giving you complete control at each stage. Automated lane creation, band detection and background subtraction are all performed without any user intervention for the utmost in analysis consistency. Molecular weight can be calculated for your bands from the standard marker lane you included on the gel. Classical commercial standards are available in the software or you can create and save your own. The Quant software performs precise band edge detection and subtraction of background material which is vital for correct quantitation or normalisation of band material. There are additional tools to adjust band edges and account for band "grimacing" on awkward gels.


Type: CCD
Gradation: 16-bit (65,536 gray levels)
Resolution: 2 Mpixel , 1200 (H) x 1600 (V); digital extension up to 8.0 Mpixel
Dynamic range: >4.6 orders of magnitude
Exposure time: 0.5 sec to 24 hours

Super bright lens: F/0.95 fixed lens
Field of view: 10 cm x 14 cm

Epi White Light

Dark Chamber
with double wall

Image capture: DNR’s GelCapture, free lifetime upgrade
Image analysis: TotalLab Quant 1D (Nonlinear Dynamics)

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MicroChemi chemiluminescence imaging system


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