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Microbiology CoolSystem

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Complete microbiology handling kit for benchtop cooling, freezing or warming with less variability, handling error and contamination. Maintain a less crowded environment in a biosafety laminar flow hood for work in BSL-2/ BSL-3 or at the bench. Easy decontamination through bleaching, autoclaving, or using iodine based products.

Precision-engineered thermo-conductive modules provide consistent and uniform temperature control through direct contact with ice, dry ice, liquid nitrogen, waterbath, hot plate or other temperature source. Ideal for cooling, (snap)freezing,incubating, thawing. Minimizes variability, user error and contamination.

Kit Includes one CoolRack CFT30 Thermo-conductive CoolRack for 30 cryo vials. "Gripping" well design enables one-hand vial opening/closing. Ideal for cold and hot incubations, snap-freezing microorganisms for storage in dry ice (ethanol-free) to avoid loss of titre.

CoolSink BX50 - Thermo-conductive reagent reservoir holder for Biotix BioX-resin 50ml reservoirs. Keeps virus preparations cold on a solid base while dispensing to plates for virus infection. Can also be used for cell dispensing into plates. CoolSink 48 - Thermo-conductive CoolSink plate holder for one 6-, 12-, 24- or 48-well plate. Keeps platecold for viral infections, compound addition, incubations or any other assay.

BioCision BCS-242