Microbiological Class II safety cabinet: VBH by Angelantoni Industrie s.p.a

Microbiological Class II safety cabinet: VBH by Angelantoni Industrie s.p.a product image
Microbiological Class II safety cabinet: VBH
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BIOHAZARD Class II safety cabinet: VBH
Microbiological Safety Cabinet “BIOHAZARD” in Class II are designed to ensure Strength, Safety and Ergonomics always keeping in mind Operator, Product and Environmental Protection.
Our Safety Cabinet VBH series are routinely used in a vast range of laboratories (microbiology, virology, haematology and stem cell culture) worldwide to serve the future of basic and applied research in the safety manipulation of recombinant DNA, oncogenic Virus, pathogenic and therapeutic agents.

Strength, Safety and Ergonomics:
• Work chamber and spillage tray in stainless steel, with smooth and sealed edges.
• Removable and autoclavable Working surface in stainless steel
• Front window, in laminated safety glass with cam lock for easy items access, and Opening 150°.
• Ergonomic front closure panel in anodized aluminium complete of germicidal ultra-violet lamp.
• Lighted working area.
• Robust Construction structure, disinfectants resistant.
• Duple Ventilation system guarantee front barrier protection efficiency.
• Low noise and vibration level
• Easy Maintenance, low operational cost, longer HEPA filter and product life
Microprocessor: Command and Controls
The microprocessor guarantees the activity of the motor blowers and controls the optimal function even in presence of effects caused by progressive clogging of the HEPA filters.
• Air ventilation control.
• Alarm device optical (visible from working position and display message) and acoustic (buzzer) type
• Monitoring with alarms of the following parameters:
o Exhaust flow rate out of the pre-set range;
o Laminar air flow velocity out of the pre-set range;
o Front window in wrong position;
• Alpha numeric display showing:
• Air flow speed
• Date and time
• Cabinet, UV-lamp, HEPA filters life
• Date of HEPA filters change
• Date of last service
• Date of last power failure
• Change password
• Setting UV timer program
• Setting MSC decontamination program
• and match more...

According to NSF 49 (U.S.A.) rules, Type A1 is designed to safely exhaust the amount of air from the front barrier in the room, while, Type A2 is designed to conduct the exhaust air outside the room.
Sterile equipments, when Operator, Product and Environmental Protection is required!