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Bio-Rad's suite of imaging systems is now complete with the introduction of the exciting new VersArray instruments for the creation, imaging, and analysis of DNA and colony microarrays.

VersArray ChipReader systems — Sophisticated microarray scanners with superb sensitivity and real-time acquisition analysis, for high productivity and image integrity. These systems read two fluorophores simultaneously or independently

VersArray ChipWriter Pro systems
— Reliable, high-precision microarrayers capable of printing DNA, protein, and other biological samples with a spotting speed of one print per second

VersArray ChipWriter Compact system — An easy-to-use, high-performance DNA spotting system ideal for custom runs or when space is a limiting factor

VersArray colony picker and arrayer systems — Robotic platforms specially suited for generating high-density colony arrays for synthetic genetic array (SGA) analysis

VersArray analysis software — State-of-the-art software with powerful microarray analysis tools

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(disabled) Microarray Products

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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