Micro Centrifuge 5417 R (refrigerated)

Manufacturer Eppendorf
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Thanks to the wide range of rotors, the refrigerated Micro Centrifuge 5417 R makes possible a high sample throughput and is universally applicable. This globally successful microliter centrifuge is also characterized by its outstanding refrigeration properties. The Fast Cool function cools the Centrifuge 5417 R quickly and reliably to 4 ºC, and it goes without saying that this temperature is maintained even at maximum rotation. Stand-by cooling guarantees that the centrifuge remains at the desired temperature following the centrifugation.

As with the non-refrigerated version, the Centrifuge 5417 C, aerosol tight centrifugation is possible with the new, robust and high temperature proof aluminum lids. Together with the rotors, the aerosol tight version is completely autoclavable for up to 2 hours at 140 ºC. This even eliminates the possibility of contamination by prions. The foil keyboard and the easy to read display complete the picture and ensure easy and self-explanatory operation.

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Micro Centrifuge 5417 R (refrigerated)

Manufacturer Eppendorf

4.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews