Metrosep Anion Dual 2 - 75/4.6

Manufacturer Metrohm AG

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The Metrosep Anion Dual 2 - 75/4.6 is based on an acrylate polymer. Without chemical suppression, it can be used with conventional phthalic acid eluents and a range of other eluent systems. The advantages of working without chemical suppression – simple analytical method and linear calibration – can thus be taken advantage of.

When used with chemical suppression, the column impresses with its outstanding separating efficiency, particularly with respect to the ions which elute early (fluoride, acetate, formate). The separation between fluoride and the "water dip" and between chloride and nitrite is remarkable.

In order to prolong the lifetime of the column even further, we recommend the use of the Metrosep RP 2 Guard/3.5 (6.1011.030).