Metrohm presents the 861 Advanced Compact IC by Metrohm AG

Manufacturer Metrohm AG

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Metrohm presents the 861 Advanced Compact IC

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861 Advanced Compact IC - outstanding performance with stable baseline

The 861 Advanced Compact IC represents a plausible extension of the range of compact Metrohm IC instruments. Extremely compact design, high sensitivity, low detection limits, comprehensive automation possibilities – all combined with very easy handling – form the basis for the outstanding performance and success of these IC systems.

With the 861 Advanced Compact IC you are encountering a new type of chromatography:

  • no more injection peak,
  • no more carbonate peak
  • and a baseline whose stability is better than anything you have seen up to now.
  • Sequential Suppression

The 861 Advanced Compact IC combines the two most effective suppression techniques into a single instrument, namely the second generation of the Metrohm Suppressor Module «MSM II» for chemical suppression that coincides with a completely new development – the Metrohm CO2 Suppressor «MCS». This combination guarantees an accurate and reproducible analysis while representing an entirely new type of ion chromatography.

The elimination of the carbonate peak removes bothersome interferences during the quantification of analyte anions. The absence of an injection peak improves the determination of rapidly eluting anions such as fluoride and also allows considerably larger sample volumes to be injected.

Numerous application possibilities

From 5 ppb bromate up to 500 ppm phosphate, no matter with or without suppression, the 861 Advanced Compact IC determines everything that can be recorded using conductivity:

  • standard anions in wastewater, drinking or surface water,
  • perchlorate in soil eluates,
  • sulfite, sulfate and thiosulfate in the paper industry,
  • chloride, nitrite, nitrate and sulfate in the cooling water of conventional and nuclear power stations,
  • phosphate and citrate in cola drinks,
  • cyanate, azide and even chlorate in explosives.
  • Numerous anion applications for the 861 Advanced Compact IC are available in more than 200 Application Notes, accessible online and free of charge in our IC Net software carries out both instrument control and data evaluation. With IC Cap the operation of the 861 Advanced Compact IC becomes workforce-friendly: a single mouse-click is all that is needed to start a measurement. Both IC Net and IC Cap are included in the standard equipment of the 861 Advanced Compact IC.

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