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MetaXpress® Software is the premier image acquisition and analysis software for high-content screening (HCS), built upon the industry-leading MetaMorph® Software with over 25 years of cellular imaging experience. The software enables both novice and expert users to set up hundreds of assays using a simple, intuitive interface. With an easy-to-use acquisition wizard and the fastest autofocus, virtually any sample can be set up and acquired in minutes. 18 pre-designed application modules are available for commonly used image analysis routines, along with the flexibility to create tailored analyses using the custom module editor. These application modules can be further powered by the MetaXpress® PowerCore™ High Content Image Processing Software to accelerate image analysis speed, ensuring image analysis is never a bottleneck in hit identification and that throughput meets the requirements of the biggest multi-instrument facilities. Data transfer within the HCS workflow is facilitated by multiple integrated tools such as robotic integration, management of image and data files with the MDCStore™ Data Management Solution, and data QC, visualization, and mining with the AcuityXpress™ Software.