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Metabolomics® System
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For Identification and Measurement of Physiologically Relevant Small Molecules The ESA Metabolomics® System provides the ability to study a variety of molecules quickly and accurately:
Measure Large Numbers of Molecules Simultaneously Assess and Measure Xenobiotics and their effects Compounds, Metabolites and Endogenous Compounds Compatible with Pattern Recognition Software Study Patterns of Individual Markers

ESA has applied its unique products and bioanalytical expertise to provide a new tool to easily measure a wide variety of physiologically relevant molecules.  ESA’s Metabolomics® System can provide researchers with the means to examine either a broad spectrum or specific types of small molecules.  This system is compatible with both in vitro and in vivo experimental methods and can be used to simultaneously monitor both drug compounds and endogenous organic molecules.  The ESA Metabolomics® System is quick, easy to use and is supported by the latest in pattern recognition, bioinformatics software.

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