Metabolite Identification Application Solution with UNIFI

Manufacturer Waters

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The Waters Metabolite Identification and Application Solution with UNIFI® is built to excel in identifying and characterizing metabolites, incorporating both qualitative and quantitative tools in both drug discovery and development.

The UNIFI Scientific Information System brings ease and efficiency to routine processes to enable laboratories to rapidly derive results from complex data sets. In discovery, the system helps researchers acquire answers and knowledge and more quickly so the right molecules can be selected for the pipeline, allowing laboratories to proceed or change direction with confidence. In development, it excels in unsurpassed tracking of metabolites and storage of all data surrounding the study; include pdf and Microsoft Office documents, weblinks, structures, metadata, etc., in its user-manageable scientific library.

Solution consists of:
  • ACQUITY UPLC I-Class System
  • Xevo G2-S QTof
  • UNIFI Scientific Information System
  • Waters Analytical Standards and Reagents

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Metabolite Identification Application Solution with UNIFI

Manufacturer Waters

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