MET-Biodiesel Capillary Column by MilliporeSigma

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma

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MET-Biodiesel Capillary Column

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This rugged metal column was designed specifically for the determination of free and total glycerin in B100 biodiesel samples.

Features and benefits of this column include:

• Metal is used as the column material, virtually eliminating accidental column breakage during handling
• Metal columns do not require a coating to provide strength (NOTE: the protective polyimide coating on the outside of fused silica columns slowly burns off at 380 °C, exposing bare fused silica which is fragile and susceptible to breakage)
• Includes a guard that both protects the analytical column from excess reagent and non-volatile compounds, extending column life, and acts as a retention gap, minimizing peak broadening
• The guard is an integrated guard, thereby providing protection with a leak-free connection (the guard and analytical column are one continuous piece of tubing; there is no union between the guard and analytical column)
• Low bleed characteristic, even at 380 °C
• Provides good peak shape and resolution for all glyceride impurities of interest
• Able to separate glycerin in addition to mono-/diglycerides (as methyl esters) plus triglycerides from the FAMEs
• A maximum temperature of 380 °C (isothermal) and 430 °C (programmed) exceeds the temperature limitations specified in biodiesel methods such as ASTM D6584 and EN 14105