MESA 6000 - Benchtop EDXRF by HORIBA Scientific

Manufacturer HORIBA Scientific

MESA 6000 -  Benchtop EDXRF by HORIBA Scientific product image
MESA 6000 - Benchtop EDXRF
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The new MESA-6000 from HORIBA Scientific is a compact bench top model utilizing a new approach to EDXRF: the Polarized, Monochromatic Excitation-EDXRF or PME-EDXRF. This analyzer can measure, on a single instrument, very low Sulfur content as well as Chlorine in petroleum products and biofuels. Chlorine can also be determined in cooling liquids and waters. Closely coupled monochromatic excitation combined with a high resolution detector provide excellent signal to background ratios to achieve low detection limits even in various matrices. High count rate processing capability results in greater accuracy and precision with short measurement times. Quick & Accurate analysis can be done with typical test times of 3 min per sample for less than 50 ppm concentration, and less than 2 min for sample with concentrations above 50 ppm. Detection limits for S and Cl are in low ppm with the upper range in the % level. The new technology eliminates oxygen interference that can vary results significantly. Easy operation through a touch-screen displaying graphical user interface offering all the important functions for routine operation at a glance. Unlike some methods for S and Cl, the MESA-6000 model are low maintenance and do not require furnaces, conversions gases or micro syringes.