ZEISS MERLIN for Materials by ZEISS Microscopy

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From Imaging to Your Complete Lab: Analytical Power for the Sub-Nanometer World.

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ZEISS MERLIN for Materials
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Average Rating: 3.3
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A great SEM microscope!
Rating: 3.3

  • Application Area: Nanomaterials: graphene, nanowires, nanoparticle; e-beam lithography; imaging on insulators

"The Merlin SEM microscope is a very nice system from the resolution point of view. It can work at very low voltages (down to 100 V) and with the so-called in-lens detector, a secondary electron detector provides low-noise and high resolution images in a broad range of working energies. We exploit the stability in time of the field-emission electron gun for lithography, both at 30 kV and at 20 kV. The presence of an electrostatic beam blanker, together with an external pattern generator allows us to use this microscope as a powerful tool for e-beam lithography too. As a bonus feature, the Merlin can be employed to perform very nice imaging on insulators, exploiting a very smart technique based on a charge compensator, injecting nitrogen gas into the vacuum chamber (with a special nozzle just near by the sample surface). The system can be also employed for X-ray spectroscopy and spatially-resolved compositional maps, nanomanipulation, or STEM by exploiting all the vacuum chamber ports."

Review date: 16 Apr 2018 | ZEISS MERLIN for Materials

With Merlin you acquire images within seconds, achieve sub-nanometer resolution, and measure and analyze surfaces entirely in 3D.

Merlin comes with the unique Gemini II optical column – you profit from more than 20 years of experience with Gemini optics. Speed up image acquisition by reaching high resolution at high currents – without compromising image quality. Merlin is your solid investment in the future: the field emission scanning electron microscope that grows right alongside your challenges.

With 15 ports for detectors and many analytical options, it brings you all the flexibility you will ever need.