Mercury Analyzers - SMS 100 by PerkinElmer, Inc.

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Mercury Analyzers - SMS 100
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PerkinElmer, Inc.

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SMS 100 Automated Mercury Analyzer.

The SMS 100 is a full function, stand alone, automated mercury analyzer. It employs thermal decomposition, gold amalgamation and cold vapor atomic absorption spectrometry designed for sensitive measurement of mercury in solid samples eliminating the need for elaborate sample preparation. Standardization can be accomplished using aqueous standards.

The SMS 100 requires a computer workstation (available separately), included autosampler capable of holding 42 samples, standards, or check samples. Also included are accessories for set-up, calibration and verification of system performance.

SMS 100 Software.

Comprehensive mercury analyses software based on Windows™ XP. It offers a unique graphical display of Hg signals to simplify optimization of method parameters. A wide range extended calibration (about 10X over other systems) is included allowing measurements over a wide concentration range. User features are included which help guide the analyst through method setup and sample analysis for an efficient workflow. On-line maintenance diagnostics provide users with efficient resources to keep the SMS 100 operating at high sensitivity and peak performance. Acquired data can be easily transferred to a variety of third-party software packages such as EXCEL™.

Autosampler Included with every SMS 100 is a modular full-function random access autosampler operating under the versatile automation of SMS 100 Software. Includes all interconnecting cables, sample tray, and sample injector. Samples can be loaded onto racks of 14 samples (three racks are supplied) to a maximum capacity of five racks (70 samples). Once the samples in the rack are analyzed they move to a park position and can then be removed and refilled and added back to the autosampler when the analysis of large numbers of samples is required.

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