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Merckoquant® test strip from Merck Millipore – handy, flexible and cost-effective

The quality of milk depends heavily on successful pasteurization. The Merckoquant test strip from Merck Millipore detects peroxidase activity with very little effort. Instead of using time-consuming photometric applications, milk producers and processors can now use the Merckoquant test strips to determine the enzyme's presence colorimetrically quickly and cost-effectively and thus prove that the milk was heated gently.

The advantages of this Merckoquant test from Merck Millipore at a glance:
• Simple determination of peroxidase activity in milk
• Can be used right where the sample is taken
• Low costs, little time needed
• Activity is easily determined by reading from a color scale

The enzyme lactoperoxidase (POD) is completely deactivated when milk is heated to over 85°C. The ultra-high temperature processing (UHT) of milk can therefore be verified. If lactoperoxidase is detected, the pasteurization temperatures were adhered to and the milk was successfully pasteurized. A yes/no answer is usually enough for milk processing plants.

Simple application
The qualitative Merckoquant Peroxidase Test works just as reliably, but significantly faster than the photometric reference process (DIN 10483-1). The rapid test by Merck Millipore is handy and can be used flexibly right where the sample is taken: The milk sample is diluted with a little distilled water and mixed with a few drops of the reagent contained in the test kit. As soon as the user dips the test strip into the solution, a chemical reaction is triggered: An organic redox indicator is converted into a blue compound if peroxidase is present. Visually comparing strip's reaction zone with the color scale provided indicates whether there is no (-), low (+) or significant (++) peroxidase activity. In addition to this Merckoquant® Peroxidase Test a wide range of test strips for water and food analytics are available - as single sealed test strips or in a tube which can also be provided with a custumer-specific label.