MEDIAJET - Petri Dish Filler by INTEGRA Biosciences

Manufacturer INTEGRA Biosciences

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MEDIAJET - Petri Dish Filler
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MEDIAJET – Reliable walk-away media dispensing system

The MEDIAJET media filling system offers the unique flexibility to fill Petri dishes as well as test tubes of various sizes. The compact MEDIAJET provides truly reliable, walk-away operation. The dish guidance system is monitored throughout the filling process. Operational downtime due to 'dish jams' resulting from variations of the Petri dishes is completely eliminated. The MEDIAJET includes a shaker mode for facilitating pour plate applications.

It is the perfect complementation to the INTEGRA MEDIACLAVE media preparator range as it allows the continuous filling of up to thirty litres media into Petri dishes.

The TUBEFILLER option is the perfect expansion to the functionality of MEDIAJET, as it allows the conversion into a test tube filler in just a minute for the continuous processing of various test tubes.

Features and benefits:
• Controlled dish guidance for reliable walk-away operation
• Fast Petri dish processing for filling up to 900 plates per hour.
• Shaker mode for pour plate applications.
• TUBEFILLER option for the filling of up to 1000 test tubes in one hour.

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