MED64 "Mobius" MEA software - Pro, complete package by AutoMate Scientific Inc.

MED64 "Mobius" MEA software - Pro, complete package
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MED64 Mobius software is a data acquisition and analysis package for the MED64 multi-electrode array system with an abundant set of analysis functions available both online and offline. It is designed to be easy for beginners and powerful for advanced users. Mobius comes in various packages including “Evoked Potential Measurements” and “Spike Sorter” as well as a combined package.

Mobius is flexible software consisting of various task-specific control panels which users can quickly combine using a simple workflow editor to create their own custom experimental protocols and interfaces. However, users who want to run standard types of experiments can do so immediately by using one of the many pre-defined “workflow templates” included with Mobius.

EP (Evoked Potential) Measurement Package

Spike Sorter Package

Filtering Module

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MED64 "Mobius" MEA software - Pro, complete package

Manufacturer AutoMate Scientific Inc.

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